Friday, July 8, 2011

Lunch in JB 新山的午餐

The stall owner is a good story teller too


Today we went to our favourite stalls for lunch at Taman Pelangi, commonly known in JB as "Sa Lao" (3 storey).

Laksa, Rojak and BBQ Tou Fu ....

According to a report, Nokia is one of the top 10 brands to be disappeared from the market.

I agreed with it. The pictures taken here are by my Nokia C7 with 8 MP camera ... and the quality are worse than my old phone Sony Ericson with a 2MP camera. No more next Nokia phone !!


BBQ Tou Fu



我同意。这里的照片都是用我的 Nokia C7 的 8 MP 拍摄的,非常不满意,比我的旧新力爱力讯 2 MP 更不如。以后不会有另一个若基亚手机了。


Ray Yong said...

I totally agree. My first phone is a Nokia. The Camera sucks. Sony Ericsson has a much better camera. A lot of Smart phone like apple, HTc has lousy camera.

Anonymous said...

无可否认,作为手机(不是相机或音乐播放机等),Nokia 的表现是非常出色,它能风云一时,不是没有理。

在照相或播放音方面,Nokia 和 Sony Ericsson 或 apple 相比确是逊色不少。

我现在是用 Sony Vivaz, 照相或录影差强人意,没有广告所 "说" 的那么好,但是它播放音乐或是录音却是一流的,我就是看上它这一点才买的。

我的首部手机就也是 Nokia 的,我相信还有很多人也是如此。

Simon Phun said...

Actually I am a Nokia user and supporter. The first phone I got is Nokia causing RM 2200.00...then many Nokia followed.Then first Sony Ericsson...then Nokia C7, I hung quite frequently...