Friday, June 17, 2011

Green synergy 绿色力量

The GGS team 绿色团队

Today at 6:30 pm, I went to Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur for a "Peace & Justice" appointment.

Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd (GGS) is one of the leading manufacturers converting palm oil wastes into other products in supporting other industries. Its main products are Palm Fibre, Palm Briquette and Palm Kernel Shell (biomass).

One Friday a month, the Catholic staffs of the company would gather for a praise and worship session with invited speaker to speak on specific subject.

I was invited today to talk on "peace and justice" ..... social teachings of the catholic church AND from green prospective... including Rights and Responsibilities, poor and the vulnerable and Care for God's creation.

The praises and songs ricocheted round the quiet office building, may God continues to synergies this group of youthful green disciples, in their mission of greening the world with gospel love and passion.....

今天傍晚,我到位于吉隆坡蕉赖的Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd (GGS) 公司应约而来。

Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd 是本地其中一家主要的油棕下游产品制造商,以供应其他工业使用。其主要产品为棕果纤维,纤维块及棕果壳生物质能。


今晚我被邀请来分享“和平与正义” - 天主教的社会训导,及绿色观点,这包括了“权力及责任”,穷困及弱小者”及“看管天主的美好创造”。


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