Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebrations 喜庆之家

4 priests con-celebrated the Mass 四位神父共祭弥撒

We are a community of celebrations.

This evening, we are celebrating the solemnity of the Most Blessed Trinity and :

1. Father's day
2. Fr. William's farewell (leaving our parish for further study)
3. Fr. William's fifth ordination anniversary
4. Fr. George Harrison as our new parish priest
5. Fr. Peter Bretaudeau as our resident priest

A thanksgiving Mass and a capacity crowd dinner summed up all !!

Blessing all fathers on Father's day 父亲节的祝福父亲



1. 父亲节
2. 告别威廉神父(将离开本堂,出国深造)
3. 威廉神父晋铎(成为神父)五周年
4. 赫佐治神父受委为本堂神父
5. 彼得。伯得图神父为驻堂神父


From right : Fr. George, Fr. Amala, Fr. William and Fr. Peter

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