Friday, April 30, 2010

Relaxing 吹风

The sun was so hot that burnt its own backside 太阳热到烧到自己屁股

Today's weather is extremely hot.

After attending a funeral Mass of a 97 years old grand old lady at 2:00 pm, we decided to beat a retreat to the Farm.

Such a pleasure to drive along the road lined with rubber trees, oil palm and fruit trees. It was about 5 pm...feeling cool and relax.....

We had our dinner at our favourate country restaurant and reached home about 9:00pm.

Tomorrow will be going down to Melaka to attend the funeral service of a 101 years old grand old lady.


在下午二点正,参加了一位97岁老婆婆的安所弥撒后,我们决定到Farm 去乘凉,吹吹风。




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