Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All is fine - sequel 一切如常 - 延续

"Oooooi, Encik! why you turn back?"

"I want my money back....give me back RM 150!"

"Why? you have already given can you take back?"

"Kawan (friend), you don't know meh! Government has withdrawn the amendment of
Road Transport Act... that means the fine remains RM300 only, no more RM1000!.."


"I don't know. May be people jealous of you people making more money.."

" Aiya... bodoh (stupid) government....tukar tukar saja (keep on changing)... difficult to earn extra man.."

" Oooi, you are a government servant, you are the goverment... "

"May be we all are stupid...!"

Today headline news: Government has withdraw the bill for further review due to protest from certain quarters...











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