Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All is fine 一切如常

Headline story : The amendment of the Road Transport Act which increases the compound fines of major traffic offences (beating traffic light, double line overtaking, speeding....) from RM 300.00 to RM 1000.00 was presented in Parliament for first reading.

Under the day light story:

" Encik (Mr.), you were speeding at 100 km/hr ...the limit is 90 km/hr.... "

" Aiya... sorry lah....."

" now the fine for speeding has increased to RM 1000.00 you know... a lot of money!"

" Can help or not? "

" you mean help you to pay less?"

" yes lah..."

" aha! it is you who asked me to help... yah lah, RM1000.00 is really expensive .... how much you think is cheaper? "

" RM50 can gao dim (settle) lah.."

" Oooii friend, the fine has increased 3 folds to RM1000. Last time RM 50 OK, but now must be RM 200 ..... otherwise you go to court to pay RM 1000 lah!.."

"Adoi ... you also like perompak (robber)...."

" I am helping you to save RM 800.00..."

" Ok lah....200 ...200 lah ... "

" I didn't ask any thing from you Mr... It is you who offered me ...I know the law very well, it is not lawful to ask from you .. It is you who asked me to help.... and you give it to me..... "

I am doubtful the increase of fine has any effect on reducing road accident and fatality... but very sure that this amendment will help many to increase their income... after all, the Government is trying very hard to raise the per capita income of the people so that the nation can achieve the status of developed nation in 2020!

And it is safe to say that, with such steep fine and under the 1 Malaysia and Malaysia Boleh spirit, more would ask: mau selesai (want to settle)? and many would answer: Mesti mau selesai (sure want to settle) ........

RM 1000 fine, no problem, KITA BOLEH SELESAI! (we can settle!)



















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