Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday wishes 生日愿望

Today, being the second Saturday of the month, our TaiChi group held birthday celebration for those born in the month of April... Happy birthday and April fool !

After the birthday singing and feasting, we welcomed Parish Priest Rev. Fr. William (pic, white T-shirt) coming over to the breakfast corner to say hello and greeting our members.

The Taichi group also donated RM1500.00 to Francis, the Sacrcistian, for his cancer treatment at the University Hostpital, Petaling Jaya.

Francis who is suffering from colon cancer , is receiving cancer treatment for the past 3 years. Initially the Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA) was sponsoring his treatment but due to fund constraint, the sponsorship has been exhausted and he has to looked for other alternative.

Taichi members came to know his need and generously donated RM1,500.00 which was the proceeds from the recent Kajang Chinese New Year street carnival ABC sales.

Francis (73) who is living alone with no children support, needs more than RM12,000 to undergo six cycle of FOLFOX chemotherapy treatment to control the cancer and prolong his survival. According to his medical report, the cancer has spread to the liver, lungs and nodes.

At present, Francis is still active and able to work, and being recognised by the parish priests and many visiting priests as a meticulous and high standard Sacristian.

If you are able to contribute towards his medical expenses, please email to me at :

God bless us all.



我们的太极班,也把马币一千五百元的善款,交到教堂祭衣房管理员方济格Francis的手上,以资助他到马大医院的癌症医疗费用。这笔钱,是太极班在加影春节老街嘉年华会里,售卖ABC 杂冰的利润。


方济格今年73岁,单身居住,没有孩子的助养。他目前需要大约马币一万两千元的费用,以进行一种叫Folfox, 六个疗程的化学治疗,来控制他的癌病及延长他的生存机会。根据他的医药报告,癌细胞已经散布到肺部,肝脏及神经线。




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