Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fellowship 聚餐

5 Taichi members invited a group of us for a birthday lunch at a village restaurant in Semenyih.

The restaurant is called Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant. It is located behind Sri Heneco Industrial Area at Jln Kacau on the way to Nirwana private cemetery. It is also a fee-collecting fishing areas with many ponds for fishing fanatics.

The five members were born in the months of March and April. Besides celebrating with families, they wished to share their joy with friends too.

Adding up, 5 of them are more than 400 years old.

Birthday is just one of the many occasions for them to get together. They take every opportunity to get together and enjoying company of one another. Sharing is beautiful and energizes lives.





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Jon said...

Hi Simon,

The place looks beautiful. How was the food and where was the place ?


Simon Phun said...

Jon, it is at the Sri Haneco Industri area, Jln Kacau (road to Nirwana Sg Lalang), Semenyih. (same entrance road to PKIK semenyih center). Signboard along the left side of main road.

The place is great, the food is 7 (scale of 10). specialty includes ikan bakar (telapia), sayor paku....My first time being there. It serves Siamese food also.

Worth giving it a try!