Monday, April 12, 2010

Catching snake 抓蛇

Celcom, the mobile phone 019 service provider has a very fantastic Chinese name: Heaven and Earth Go (tian di tong 天地通) , something like Touch & Go (yi chu ji tong 一触即通).

This is a real life story of The Heaven & Earth Go catching snake.

Last night at about 8:3o pm, my friend called up to ask me where to find snake catcher.

I asked:" who got snake?"

"my wife...few days already. Very painful even though taking medication. She has to take medicine every 5 hours...even in the middle of the night. I know many snake catches but all died already. Can you use you "directory' to find out where can get one?"

" OK, will try."

Actually he was referring to a type of painful viral rash called "shingles" in western medicine and "snake" in Chinese medicine.

Western medicine treatment includes pain killer, antiviral and anti-inflmmation medication which can last for about one to two weeks.

However, in Chinese tradinational medicine, since it is called "snake" (because it appears in the shape of snake),you need to kill the snake by finding out where the head is and apply "burn" method. It is very effective by giving instant pain relief and recovery in a few days. No oral medication is needed.

So immediate I contacted my "Heaven & Earth Go", not the 019 but 3008. She is my reliable contact and secret agent.... code name HEG 3008 lah !

"Yes, TaiLo, will get back to you!"

I know my HEG 3008 seldom fails me.

At about 10:30 pm, message came in ... at the Batu 7, Jln Balakong, at the back of Public Bank, a small Buddist temple, there is a snake catcher!

The message was immediately conveyed to my friend.

This morning, at about 9:30 am, my friend called.

" Mission accomplished. Got the catcher.... he managed to "burn" the eyes of the snake. My wife is feeling less pain and very much relieved... thank you."

"how long is the snake?"

"from toes to buttock!"

Thank you indeed to my HEG 3008 for her excellent service.

Celcom 是019 手提电话公司,它的华文名字非常的有霸气,叫作 『天地通』,就好像我们付过路费用的加值卡『一触即通』(Touch & Go) 同个意思。



“谁生蛇?” 我不问蛇在那里,因为我知道他所指的蛇是什麽回事。



他说说的蛇,是一种病毒菌,在西医里,叫作 Shingles。通常一个人在出水痘之后,有一些病菌还存留在身体里,在这个人年纪大了,身体抵抗力低的时候,就会爆发出来。西医通常都是止痛药,抗菌及发炎药等,需要两个星期才能够痊愈。

而华人传统医药则叫它为“生蛇”, 因为在外表看来,它就好像一条蛇的形状,所以就要以“抓蛇”的方式来治理。当找到了蛇头之后,就用火把它眼睛“烧”掉,病就会好了。不需要服药,而且马上就可以止痛及很快复原。

我马上呼叫了我的特工天地通。。。这不是019天地通,而是 3008。她是我非常信赖的特工,代号是HEG 3008 (天地通3008)


我知道HEG 3008 不会令我失望的。








其实应该多谢的是HEG 天地通3008,快速,可靠的相助!

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