Monday, July 18, 2011

Hokkaido 3 北海道

Third day in Hokkaido was an exciting day.

Firstly and foremost, I thanked G0d for answering our prayer of good weather.

Today was one of the days that good sunshine was needed. We were visiting the most famous Lavender fields in Furano.

Left Otaru at 7:00 am heading towards Furano, about 150 kms away. It was raining all the way.... until few kilometers from Furano. The sky broke and sun coming out..

Glorious sunshine on the beautiful flower fields. Furano - followers flowers, tourist, tourist everywhere.

I was told by a tourism office staff that it was raining the whole yesterday.

We took a break from over-sunshine, retreated to a neaby forest park to have a picnic ... finishing whatever we brought ... biscuit, fruits, eggs, tidbits....

After Furano, it is a town called Biei, which was picked as the most beautiful village in Japan.. clean, quiet, with beautiful buildings and many bicycles.....

Tonight we put up at Dormy Inn in Asahikawa, second biggest city in Hokkaido ... compare with the big room in Otaru, room in Dormy Inn is simply .... very very small!

Anyway, it was a great day for us! Praise the Lord!

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富良野之后,我们到了一个叫美英的小镇,它被推选为全日本最美丽的村镇 - 干净,幽静,美丽的建筑物,及很多的脚车。。。


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