Monday, July 25, 2011

Hokkaido 11 北海道

We decided to have a free and easy day in Sapporo.

After almost 8 days of moving around east, north and south of Hokkaido, a relaxing day in Sapporo still involved a lot of walking.

I put my RM22,000.00 prosthetic knee into good test. We walked, to my estimation, about 5 km round the south and eastern part of Sapporo to explore places of interest.

Sapporo is an orderly and clean city. Many cyclists can be found on the mall, gardens and parks. Life is much relaxing in Sapporo.

Nijo Fish Market is a must for visitors. It is a fish market offering fresh seafood from Hokkaido.

Odari park looks beautiful in tourism brochure. We found it a letdown. The park is very long covering few streets well kept and planted with many flowers and shrubs. May be it is late Summer, not many flowers can be found.

However, the city park is an attractive place to sit and relax.

We tried out the Sapporo sub-way by taking a train ride to go back to hotel. A very young and friendly railway customer services staff showed us how to buy ticket, where to board the train and where to get down.

We spent the last evening in Hokkaido by doing some shopping in the arcade. (More pictures in Facebook)









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