Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hokkaido 12 北海道

Toyata Rent-A-Car

We returned our 8-seater Vellfire MPV (Alphard) to Toyota Rent-A-Car this morning near the Chitose Airport. It cost us 227,500 Yen for 10 days rental (about RM8,600). It is cheaper than renting the same model of MPV in Kuala Lumpur.

We bid sad farewell to our companion for the last 10 days who served us faithfully and comfortably, covering 2000 kilometers.

We boarded 1:00 pm flight for Tokyo and arrived one and a half hour later at Norita Airport.

Due to unavailability of connecting flight to KL, we stay tonight at Norita U-City Hotel, about half an hour of bus journey from Norita Airport.

After checking in, we walked to explore the surrounding area near the hotel. We visited a big Japanese Buddhist temple which is also a tourist attraction. Many stalls and restaurants can be found along the road leading to the temple.

We have Onagi for dinner.

We called it a night and retired early, so that we will be ready for the 11:00 am flight back to Kuala Lumpur. (Leaving for airport at 7:00 am). (More pictures in Facebook)

我们今早把租来的 8 座位 Toyota Vellfire (Alphard) 退还给租车公司 Toyata Rent-A-Car。十天的租金是 227.500 日元,约马币八千六百元,这比在吉隆坡租用同一车款来的便宜。


因为不能够订到今天的飞机,所以我们在机场附近的 Norita U-City Hotel 酒店过一夜。




Authentic Made In Japan Onagi 道地的日本烧鳗鱼饭


Ben Che said...

Hi sir, my wife and I will be in Hokkaido this May 2012. Wish to ask what is the price for petrol in Hokkaido? Thank you.
Best regards,
Ben Che

Simon Phun said...

Hi Ben, it was about RM 5.70 per litre last year. It varies depending on location. You can get tips from car rental company, usually very helpful. If you need further info on other things, my email me at phunsen@gmail.com.
Take care.