Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hokkaido 6 北海道

Today we went to Rishiri Island, about 2 hour ferry journey from Wakkanai.

It is a small island with a "copy" Mt. Fujiyama (Tokyo) in the middle. We joined a 3-hour round the island bus tour with a Japanese guide ... whatever she said ....we wakarimasen! ( we do not undertand)

We were backed to Wakkanai at about 4 pm and went for some sightseeing around the city.

It is about 22 degree, and I am sunburned! (more pictures in Facebook)

Rishiri Island 利尻島

Inside ferry

今天我们到一个利尻岛 (Rishiri)去游玩,乘坐渡轮,需要两个小时。

它是一个小岛,中间有一座“假”的富士山。我们参加一个巴士环岛配套,导游是一位只会说日本语的小姐,她讲的一切,我们都听不懂 (wakarimasen)!


这里的气候大约是22 度左右,凉快但却给太阳晒焦了!

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Waikkanai city

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