Friday, July 22, 2011

Hokkaido 7 北海道

Friendly and kind Japanese !

Today, July 22 is the 7th day in Hokkaido, we were leaving Wakkainai for Asahikawa. It was an exciting day too.

We left Wakkanai city at about 8:00am to visit the northern most part of Japan - Cape Soya (Soya Misaki).

We took a wrong turn, instead of right, we turn left after leaving our hotel. We noticed it when we realized that the sea supposed to be on our left side, instead, on our right!! However, it was a blessing in disguise!

We saw fishemen drying seaweeds (kelps) in one of the houses along the shore. We stopped and went down to see ... they are friendly and invited us to try out - to dry the sea weeds.

As we do not understand Japanese, we tried to use signs and writing to express ourselves. Thanks to the friendly Japanese family, we have the opportunity to see how seaweeds are being processed.

Finally we made it to Cape Soya, the northern most point of Japan!

We have lunch picnic at one of the park along the way.

After lunch, we continued our journey south. We saw many hay bails along the way and were curious to know how it was made.

We stopped by a field and noticed a tractor was driven to collect hay and made into bales...

The owner was so friendly and came down to talk to us ... alah... Nippon go wakarimasen (do not understand Japanese), we resorted to signs and writing to communicate.

Mr. Togashi Sakae was so kind, invited us to his another farm to show us how hays are being cut and making the bales.

He was so friendly to offer us cold drink after arriving at his farm quite a distance across the road.

We thank him for his kindness and friendliness .... going out of his way, sacrificed his precious time to show us the farms and hay bales making.

We spent more than an hour with him and sadly have to say goodbye to continue our journey toward Asahikawa.

We exchanged Email and promised to keep in touch. (More pics in Facebook)



我们今天将会到日本最北的国土 - 宗昌岬。








热情的主人Mr. Togashi Sakae(找不到华文字)带我们到他的牧场之后,还请我们喝冷饮。




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