Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hokkaido 9 北海道

Today, we experienced the Valley of Hell, the beauty of Nature, the mystery of water (geyser), , majesty of mountains ....

Then back to the modern civilisation ... we are back in Sapporo, a sprawling city.

A long day...traveled more than 300 km the whole day, we are in Sapporo at about 8 pm. After dinner, I went for a hot spring spa...too comfortable, going to sleep and hopefully when available, would upload to Facebook.


然后,又回到了文明 。。。我们回到了札幌。


The Valley of Hell

The mystery of soup

The wonder of nature - Island within Lake Toya
自然的奥妙 - 湖中之岛

Sapporo's beautiful SYT

Going for Hot Spring Spa

Too tired liao... post when available and able

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