Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ugly stamp 丑邮票

Ugly rabbit stamp!

Pos Malaysia issued a new design for the Year of Rabbit. Apparently, the rabbit looks more like guinea pig (below right), no rabbit character and features....

Too much restriction and outside influence affected the creativity of artists.

By the way, I dislike Pos Malaysia. It has increased postage from 30 cents ordinary mail to 60 cents recently.


马来西亚邮局发行了一套兔年邮票。看起来,兔不像兔,倒是像天竺鼠 (上右图),缺乏兔的象征及特点。


其实我不喜欢马来西亚邮局。它最近把平邮的邮费从RM0.30 增加到 RM0.60.

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