Friday, February 25, 2011

The world 这个世界

Thanks to Epidural analgesia, I have a speedy recovery.

I was on my phone a few hours after the operation, answering calls from friends, suppliers and customers on hospital bed without them knowing what I was undergoing at the moment.

Suppliers were trying to update me with the lastest news of crude oil due to the turmoils in Lybia and Middle East, in order to justify the increase of prices which changes by the day. This is an opportunity for the oil exporters, merchants and big oil corporations making a kill. All of them are greedy speculators and suckers of the blood of the world.

I am dealing with solvents which are by-products of crude oil.

About the same time, sad news of New Zealand earthquake came in, many lives and properties lost. My deepest condolences to the beautiful people of New Zealand.

Holding on to my helpless limb, I am wondering what is going on in the world?

Christchurch, NZ 纽西兰基督城







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