Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fourth day of New Year 大年初四

The celebration of Spring Festical lasting 15 days. However, the feasting and holdaying is coming to a close when many of us resume work tomorrow.

My two children left for their apartments, Melaka and Petaling Jaya respectively, this afternoon. All of us start work tomorrow after about a week of New Year holidays.

Today is a hot day, a few more friends and relatives came visiting.

We all missed Mei Mei during the New Year ... we are keeping Ang Pows from friends and relatives for her. She has been away from home for the past 3 Lunar New Years.(She is studying in Arbedin, Scotland of UK).

My wife is the happiest person because we were able to celebrate New Year together with her parents. They were here 3 days before New Year and will be leaving for Johor Baru home tomorrow morning.

We are grateful to God for blessing of good healoth to her parents. Her father is 84 and mother is 78.

With thankfullness and gratitude to God, we look forward to a joyful and peaceful Year of the Rabbit.








Visitors- Church Taichi group members

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