Friday, February 6, 2009

22nd annual dinner 二十二周年

Last night, 52 members and family members of the Holy Family TaiChi group celebrated our 22nd Annual Chinese New Year “lo Sang" dinner.

It is 22 years of existence built on common interest of exercise for health, friendship and fellowship. After 22 years, with regrets, I am the only surviving male member, 39 others are female. And it revealed a fact that man is lazy to exercise, woman lives longer.

Although majority of members are well over 60s (oldest 83 years old), but are energetic and happy. The community exercise and fellowship bring them good health and happy living.

This is an exercise group which I started 22 years ago for the parishioners with the permission from the then Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Henriot. Non church members were welcomed to join too.
22 years later, as at today, many parishioners had dropped out, 90% of the members are non-Christians.

Again it revealed a fact that Catholic is very churchy, heavy on worship, light on fellowship...especially with non-Christian neighbourhood.

Besides daily morning TaiChi exercise at the church compound, the group also organised annual outing and sightseeing trip. We have been to Port Dickson, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Kuala Selangor fireflies sanctuary, Gua Temburong, Kuching, Hadyai in Thailand..... We are going for a sightseeing trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 3/3/09.

The group also participated in various community and disaster relief fund raising projects.

May all the members continue to enjoy good health and fellowship. My New Year wish is to see more parishioners taking up Taichi exercise, and the parish continues to welcome non-Christian friends coming to our church to join our social and community activities enhancing inter-religious and social harmony in Kajang.

Sing for a better tomorrow

22 years friendship






太极班除了每天早上在教堂范围里练习太极,我们也主办户外活动及旅游。我们到过了波德申,金马伦高原,槟城,瓜拉雪兰莪萤火虫公园,椰壳洞,古晋,泰国的合艾等地方。我们将在3/3/09-7-3-09 到沙巴亚庇观光旅游。

除此之外,我们也积极参与社区 、天灾救济筹款等活动。


Drink for our friendship


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