Saturday, February 7, 2009

Street Temple Fair 街坊庙会

We got up early this morning. The Taichi group was invited to participate in the Kajang Mini Street Temple Fair from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

The Fair was organised by the Kajang Merchants Club to liven up the new year atmosphere of the town during the Chinese New Year.

Stores were set up selling all types of home-cooked food, wares and bargains and games. Lion dances and cultural presentation were the highlights of the Fair.

We opened two food stall with varieties of authentic home-cooked food such as: Hokkian Hong Bak, Hakka Lui Cha, Yam cake, Roast pork ribs porridge and ice kajang (ABC) . This is our contribution to this community project.

The Mentri Besar of Selangor would grace the Fair in the evening.

We enjoyed ourselves very much and our stores closed at 3:00 pm.








queen_of_bee said...

it was fun fun fun! hot hot hot too!

Pauline said...

Yes, it was fun, fun, fun and a free tan at the end of the day. Never done so many (hundreds) bowls of ABC in my life. Might consider "niaga" in ABC. Anyone to join in partnership?

queen_of_bee said...

the night crowd was so much bigger! more $$$ if there was another "shift" selling ABC in the evening. all were hot and thirsty!

Pauline said...

Never mind, there will always be another chance to contribute our expertise in ABC with a sweeter, thicker syrup and gula melaka.

Simon Phun said...

We missed the night fun fun fun because of the church engagement! So were our church people they missed the fun fun fun of the town.

Hoped next year not clash of programme...