Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taichi annual dinner 太极班新年宴会

Abstinence during Chinese New Year is hard to do.

I try to forgo lunch if possible (it is easier to do ). But like today, a customer-friend called up and said apologetically:" No time to meet you during Chinese New Year, let's have lunch together...." What to do ?!?!

More so I should eat less after last night's sumptuous dinner.

Last night our Taichi group held our 23rd annual Chinese New Year "Lo Sang" dinner at a restaurant.

9 members (seated on chairs at pic above) aged 70 and above (two are over 80) received special Ang Pow as token of our appreciation of their perseverance and best wishes from members of good health and best of spirit.


我尝试尽量放弃午餐(这是较易做的事)。但就如今天般,一位顾客兼朋友来个电话,语带歉意的说:“新年期间没时间和你见面,今天我特抽空我们一起吃午餐。。”。你叫我怎么办 ?!?!




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