Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Financial winter 金融冬天 2

For the past 30 years, I have never experienced such a gloomy business environment as today.

Lack of confidence and fear are two factors affecting every one now. We do not know the extent and effect of the financial tsunami which has started in the US. Even the Americans are not sure of the situation in their own country. All the rescue packages are like small drops of rain falling on a parch desert. The black hole is not able be fathomed.

Back in Malaysia, all the politicking superseded efforts to rescue the economy. We heard thunder but not a drop of rain yet! All plan, if any, would be revealed at a "politically auspicious time". While Singapore already in "recession" crisis-battle mood half a year ago, Malaysia is still basking on complacency and "our economy is different from others... sound fundamentals ..." siok-sendiri mood.

I have many export-oriented customers seeing their business nose-dive. Many operations has been folded up. Tens of thousands of workers are being retrenched.

So every one is living in fear. The employees fear of retrenchment, the employers fear of worsening economy and deteriorating market demands. I am one of them.

This morning, I spoke to my employees of the economic situation and the challenges the company is facing. We discuss options and plans to ride out this crisis.

There is a feeling of fear that I have never experienced before. In this challenging times, only Divine guidance and Providence would give me confidence, comfort and peace.

I believed, after the gloomy sky, bright sun shine and blue sky awaiting us.



在马来西亚,政治斗争远超过振兴经济的努力。我们只听到雷声,却久等未雨。任何的振兴经济配套或计划,假如有的话,都要等待到 “政治吉利时辰” 才会宣布。星加坡在六个月前,已进入全民“经济萧条”备战状况了,马来西亚还沉浸在 “我们的经济和其他国家不同。。。稳固的基本条件。。” 自我欣赏的迷思里。




我心中有股我从未体验过的恐惧。我想,在这非常时期,只有上智的指引及天主的恩佑,才能够给我信心 、安慰和平安。


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