Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dirty dirty 肮脏下流

Malaysian politics is getting dirtier day by day. Certain politicians are also rotting in character day by day too.

The circulation of nude pictures of Selangor State Executive Councilor (Exco) Elizabeth Wong (37) is another case of dirty tactics and money politics at its lowest. The pictures were believed to have been taken by her former boy friend when she was sleeping at her home. I have not seen any of the pictures, but firmly believed these are her private pictures (taken at home). Whoever released or publicised these pictures without her knowledge and consent is amounting to using criminal force to invade her privacy and outraging her modesty. This is as serious as rape, so the culprit must be jailed and caned.

After the breaking of the news 2 days ago, majority people sympathized with Elizabeth Wong and supported her action of reporting to Police to bring the culprit to justice. This is a dirty and immoral way to destroy a politician. I believed money is the main motivation of this act of betrayal. The forces behind this scam is all out to destroy her and the opposition parties.

Immediately, a vulture preyed on the dead smelled blood! There is a voice in the political wilderness calling her to resign from the posts of State Exco and assemblyperson of Bukit Lanjan state seat. He is none other than the deposed former Mentri Besar of Selangor Toyol (never mind the spelling), the same man who put Theresa Kok in trouble and in jail.

"This is a moral issue. Previously, (former health minister and MCA deputy president) Dr Chua Soi Lek had also resigned over a similar incident," he said.

Aiyooo..yoo, moralist talking about moral! Has this moralist ever feel frighten when lightning strike? A Chinese saying: "There is god 3 feet above your head..."Does he fear god? See who is talking about moral issue!

He too must have been eaten too much of tempe (Fermented soybean, Malay food. He gave credit of his "youthful" look to eating a lot of tempe..he thought we are fools) that deranged his brain. How can he compared a married man having an affair at a hotel with this single girl's nude pictures taken at her home?

He is putting the blame on the victim in a rape case! He is the first one to cast a stone!

At a press conference this afternoon, Elizabeth Wong tendered her resignation. "....in the interests of the party, I have decided to offer my resignation as Exco and state rep," she said.

"I have done no wrong and I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law and everyone has a right to privacy." She maintained.

It is a wise move to protect her integrity and honour. Compared with that woman north of Selangor, she has my highest respect and admiration.

By the way, I slept with singlet and sarong. Very often, I have to search for my sarong in the morning ... ....pssssst... please do not let Toyol the moralist knows, otherwise I will be in trouble! He may offer to buy my bed...maaaaan!


雪兰莪州行政议员黄洁冰(37岁)的裸体照被流传出来,就是又一件肮脏政治手段及金钱政治极度卑贱的另一例子。那些照片相信是黄洁冰的前任男友,在她住家,当她睡觉 时拍的。我没有看过任何这些照片,但是我确信这些是她在自己家里拍的的私人照片。任何人,没得到她的允准,或她知道的情形下,流传出去,或发表这些照片, 就是严重使用暴力侵犯了她的个人私隐权及伤害她的贞洁。这和强奸同样严重,应该以监禁及鞭打处罚之。

在照片流传后的两天,大多数人都同情黄洁冰,并表示支持她向警方报案调查,以把这个不负责任的无良之人,绳之以法。这是一个非常低贱 、不道德的方法来摧毁一位政治人物的前途。我想,金钱是这启事件的推动力。而幕后势力的目的是要羞辱黄洁冰及她所属的政党。


“这是道德的问题。以前蔡细历(前卫生部长及马华副总会长)也是在同一情形之下,自动辞职” 他说。


而且,据我所看,这家伙可能吃 tempe 吃的太多了,头脑出了问题。(他自夸他的“青春”长相,是靠多吃 tempe 所赐。tempe 是一种发酵黄豆马来食物 -他以为我们都是傻瓜会相信)。他把一位有妇之夫在酒店偷情,和这位在自己家被拍裸睡觉照片的单身妇女相提并论。




“我没有做错,我也不会为我作为一个单身妇人的情欲而觉得羞耻。我没有做出任何违反法律的事情,每个人都有隐私权” 她坚决的宣布。




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