Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Traveling 旅游

Where do you want to go?

Another round of promotion by the two major airlines in Malaysia. Air Asia is offering 500,000 free seats, and Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is offering big discount on over 50 destinations.

Air traveling has never been so easy, so cheap and so good before.

Last year we have our fair share of going to airports. We have "airport fatigue". So much so that we told ourselves not so much of traveling this year. But still, we find ourselves going to airport again next month, in June and July also.

Going to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) always make me feeling cheap (low cost). It is congested, disorderly, rushing and squeezing... Even those who hold priority boarding tickets also rush to queue up, fight to be the first one on board or afraid there is no seat in the plane. The waiting at LCCT is a terrible time too. ( you want cheap ma...!)

I hoped MAS could offer more discounted fare during the year. Boarding at KLIA and traveling by MAS is truly a pleasure!






我希望马航在一年里, 会有更多的促销。在KLIA 国际机场登机及乘搭马航,才算是旅游乐趣。

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