Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snippets 生活花絮

A week ago, received a call from Sr. Theresa Chew asking for telephone number of the doctor who had treated my wife's Trigger Finger. She read about my wife's successful surgery from my Blog and wanted to recommend her two fellow sister Nuns from Kluang who have the same condition for treatment. (see January Blog posting)

Two days later, Sr. Theresa called again to inform that the two sisters have successful treated by the same doctor at the Tung Shin Hospital. One of the sisters who had done an operation before on one of her fingers, has her two fingers treated this time and was amazed by this revolutionary and simple procedure.

To their surprise too, the doctor waived his professional fee of RM200.00 each (totaled RM400.00), but just the nominal hospital charges of about RM 75.00 only. They met a kind and generous doctor!

With thanks in their hearts, they left for Kluang on the same day few hours after the surgery.

I understood the Rev. Sisters have to do their own house chores, including cleaning and washing. These were the most probable cause of their Trigger Fingers. So they came with Trigger Fingers, returned with Happy Fingers. But always remember, not to be too trigger happy fingers --- take it easier with your mopping and cleaning!

Talking about house chores, we are better off with a housemaid to do for us. My maid has no "trigger fingers" but other condition.

I wanted to highlight not her medical condition but the importance of insurance cover for the maid.

Recently she has a gynecological condition and warranted urgent specialist attention. If we sent her to Government hospital, she may have to wait for a long time, or even not getting any treatment at all. So with the maid's consent, my wife brought her to see a gynecologist for treatment that cost more than a thousand Ringgit. The maid was aware and agreed of the cost which she may have to bear all. But we were considering whether to bear the full or part of the cost in view of our maid's low wages.

A few days after the treatment, my wife remembered that we have taken up an insurance policy (optional) for the maid against sickness (?!) and accident. She was not sure whether it covered this gyne condition and the treatment, so she called up the insurance company to enquire. She was advised by a friendly staff to submit claim forms and relevant documents for consideration.

Two weeks after submission, my wife was informed by the insurance company that the claim has been approved and payment was ready.

Insurance cover is very important for us but also for the housemaid too. For peace of mind, the less than hundred Ringgit annual premium is worth it.





据我所知,修女们都必须自己去亲身做打扫 、清洗等家务,这些都是形成“扳机手指”的可能因素。这次修女们带着“扳机手指”前来,带着“快乐手指”回去,我希望他们以后不要太“随意手指”做家务 - 抹 、扫、洗都要小心!








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年青时对保险很反感,一则对保险不了解 ,二则我遇到的保险招揽员讲解缺乏技巧,开口伤了赔多少,闭口死了赔多少之类不中听的话。


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