Friday, January 9, 2009

Trigger finger 扳机指

Trigger happy is the opposite of Trigger finger.

Trigger happy means happy, trigger finger means pain. However, the consequence of these two fingers is the same - suffering. Trigger happy goes to jail, trigger finger goes to the doctor.

While trigger happy usually apply to bad guy like the robbers, trigger finger apply to good people like the housewives.

My wife is suffering from Trigger Finger on her left thumb for a long time. It is a condition where your finger(s) "click" or locked. It is painful. Pulling back to straighten the finger is painful too.

Recently it became unbearable that she decided to seek treatment. At an established Medical Centre, an Orthopedic recommended surgery- incision to release the tendon. It would be a day-care surgery but done in the operation theater with stitches. It needed few days for recovery. Estimated cost - RM 1500 to RM2000. A date has been booked for the surgery.

However, before the date, through the recommendation of a friend who has done this before, we went to Tung Shin Hospital in Kuala Lumpur to see another Orthopedist. The Doctor confirmed the condition and decided for a simple procedure there and then. First by injecting anesthetic on the affected area, then poking a 1mm needle into the tendon, turned left..righ ...left...1..2..3..4..5 .. 6 ..7.. 8.. 9 .. 10 seconds was all it took, presto..... it was released and problem solved. According to the specialist, it will not re-occurred. Healed........ GAO-DIM! It cost RM375.00. Anesthetic and medication(pain killer) inclusive. No incision, no stitches, only two tiny pin marks.

Dear friends, if you are suffering from this condition (mostly women aged 40-60), please contact me for more info... no obligation and no commission needed :D

Remember, you need not be a gun-slinger to have trigger finger(s). House works like mopping floor, drying laundry, cutting vegetables, needle works, sewing are believed to be the possible causes.

The pin mark



当一个枪手很喜欢开枪,或动辄开枪,英文称之为 trigger happy,我自己大约把他称为开枪狂。而拉扳机的手指,就被称为扳机指,但它还有另一个意思。无论如何,这两个名词,(开枪狂及扳机指)是相对的。开枪狂通常都是狂中取乐,而扳机指则是痛苦的,但两个的后果都是一样 - 受折腾。开枪狂会被送进监狱,扳机指则要去找医生治疗。



最近,她的手指越来越不听话,使得她很难受,决定去看骨科专科医生寻求治疗。在一家著名的医药中心,专科医生诊断,需要动手术来解开患处的筋。这手术不需住院,但也得在手术室里进行,并有伤口及缝针,需一个星期左右才能复原。手术的全部费用预算是在 RM1500 至 RM2000 之间。因别无选择,就把手术日期给定了下来。

可是,在手术日期前几天,得到一个曾患此病的朋友介绍,我们到吉隆坡同善医院看另一位骨科专科医生。那位医生也是诊断同一个病况--扳机指,决定马上进行一个简单的手术。他先在太太的拇指患处注射麻痹药,然后用一支约 1mm 大的钢针,擦入患处,左撩撩,右撩撩,再左撩撩1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10秒而已,手术完成,我太太拇指伸曲自如。问题解决了,病治好了。。。搞定!全部费用,包括麻醉药及止痛药,RM375.00, 没有伤口,没有缝针,只有两个针口小红点。




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Pauline said...

Jonathan told everyone we met, "my mum is the happiest person today". Indeed, I was very happy because the procedure took less than a minute with little discomfort, no stitches and recovery was immediate - ending my pain and misery.