Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blessing 祝福

This is a collage of 4 pictures.

The sunshine smiling face guy on top left is Deacon Lawrence Ng, CDD. He appears in all four pictures. He will be ordained as a priest on 2/2/2009 at St. John's Cathedral together with Deacon Thomas Loh (top right picture on right-green shirt) and three others Deacons.

I have the opportunity to meet Deacon Lawrence on many occasions. He is energetic and enthusiastic. I find him humble and interesting. May I wish all of them (pic below) a blessed and wonderful Ordination. May the Holy Spirit guide and protect them in their priestly ministry.

By the way, the guy with me in the picture on bottom right is not Deacon Lawrence, not his brother, not his relative too. He is Cheong, my friend from Ipoh whom I have visited in August 2008. Hahahahaha!


那个左上照片的阳光青年,开朗笑容者,就是主徒会士黄大华执士。他都出现在全部四张照片里。他将在 2/2/2009, 连同来自同修会的罗秀彪执事(上右图,右) 及另三位教区执事,在圣若望主教座堂一同晋铎。

我有机会和大华执事见面多次。他精力充沛,干劲十足。我觉得他为人谦虚 、好学 、有趣。更重要的是他能够和我这老人家沟通。我谨在此祝福他们五位(下图)晋铎顺利,祈求圣神指引,保护他们的司铎事工。



LAURENZO老楞佐 said...

Dear Bro Simon;
Thanks for your 'Blessing',
through your BLOG, there are some friends calling me to wishing me.
It is my honourable to know and meet you !!God Bless you!


Deacon Lawrence Ng, CDD

Simon Phun said...

Hi my Brother, God bless you in your pre-ordination Retreat from 10/1 to 18/1. May the Holy Spirit be with you always.大华小弟,你正进行晋铎前避静,愿圣神常与你们同在。

See you at your Ordination.