Monday, February 23, 2009

Buckle up Please 请系上安全带

Effective 1-1-2009, all back seat passengers need to buckle up. It is the law.

On a few occasions when I was a back seat passenger, I found myself forgotten to fasten seat belt. I can be fined for RM 300.00 for the offence. No discount, no appeal.

To avoid being caught by the Police, I have made myself a sign to be pasted on the back of the front seats of all our family cars as reminder for the passengers.

It is easy to make. You can download the sign above, adjust to your desirable sizes, print on a piece of color paper, cut it out accordingly and have it laminated. It costs about a Ringgit apiece but would save you not hundreds but thousands of Ringgit in fine in the long run.






queen_of_bee said...

i want to order, please! :)

Simon Phun said...

Your Majesty, I said you can do it yourself.. I did not mention "Order"... but since you are so adorable, I shall deliver one pair to you...:D


queen_of_bee said...

i was just trying my luck! hahaha.. it's ok uncle, will DIY for the 3 for the put-put-cars.
then i will show you my personalised "buckle up please".

Jonathan said...

You know it's so funny coz I did mine over the weekend with a double sided tape and it fell off the next morning.

I don't think my car seat material is suitable for double sided coz the material is kinda like Mum's car. I will punch a hole through and string it like your photo.


Simon Phun said...

haha... you have a lot to learn from your "wise old man"..ME! I told you to punch holes le..It can only stick onto leather or PVC seats, and not ordinary double sided tape. Must be "simonphun" quality tape only!

Ya.. you have fabric seat, so use ribbon to hang on it.