Thursday, February 12, 2009

The enemy of the Chinese community 华社罪人

The alliance of snakes, rats and frogs

Hee Yit Foong must be the most hated politician in the Chinese community at this point of time. She resigned from DAP and became an Independent but switched side to enable BN formed the new Perak state government. This caused the collapse of 11-month od Pakatan government.

The voters from her Jelapang state constituency expressed their anger by throwing eggs and incense papers to her house, harassing her relatives, displaying banners with derogatory words. SMSs cursing her has been circulating all over the country. A group of people set up a "Hee Yit Foong We hate you like hell" site in Facebook to express their frustration and indignation. There is a page on her in Wikipedia also.

Hee's switch of allegiance to BN not only a betrayal of her own stand and struggle against a powerful corrupted institution for the past twenty over years, she has also betrayed her supporters. She has destroyed her own integrity, bringing harm to the Chinese community.

I do not want to talk any further of this traitor so not to make myself angry. But in today's Sin Chew Daily (11-2-09), I noticed a respected man is also affected and angry with the words and behaviour of Hee Yit Foong like many of us.

He is none other than the Deputy Chief Editor of Sin Chew Daily, T.Y Tay. He is a famous and respected columnist, current affairs commentator and analyst.

I have counted 3 times he has in his column commented specifically on Hee within a spell of ten days since her defection.

He point-blankly labeled Hee as a cold-hearted woman, selfish and greedy. She is not satisfied being appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the state assembly. What she wanted is the position of a State Executive Councilor. Her defection is for money, power and revenge.

In his 7/2/09 column, he suggested the face of the four political frogs (Hee is one of them) be sculpted on a hill in Perak, emulating the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the United States. A museum be built at the foot of the mount to teach the future generation of "frog politics". Many visitors are expected to come with feces (and rotten eggs), so waste disposal management is very important.

In today's column, I smelled more gun powder. The recent words and behaviour of this woman after defection must has made Tay really really mad, so much so that he must "wash" her properly. He said this woman was saying utterly nonsense, distorted facts and showed no remorse.

He compared her with Arumugam who has resigned recently his Kedah Exco post due to personal reason. He praised highly of Arumugan who resigned willingly, forgoing all benefits, perks and power. He gave no trouble to his party and his voters.

On the other hand, Hee is a woman of low esteem and low integrity. She is un-repentant, liar and trying to fool her constituents and the world. Her behaviour is making people 'grinding teeth" mad.

Hee's behaviour akin to a traitor. She betrayed friends, comrades, voters and Chinese community. She is self serving.

Today, Hee Yit Foong is synonym of Traitor in Malaysian context. Would she suffers similar fate as Judas who betrayed Jesus?

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