Friday, February 13, 2009

Going south again 再度南下

Today (Saturday) we are going down to Johor Baru for the Grand procession of Dieties of the Old Temple. We are not paying homage to the Gods, but to see the annual grand festival of Johor Baru with more than 130 years of history.

This is my first time coming to JB for the procession. We also take this opportunity to be with our parents (in-law). They are eagerly awaiting our visit two weeks after the Chinese New Year. Folks are always excited to see their children home.

今天 (星期六)我们将南下新山,去观看柔佛古庙众神出游。我们不是去拜神,而是去观赏这个已有一百三十年历史的新山年度民间盛事。


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