Monday, February 16, 2009

Our JB journey 我们新山之旅

We arrived home today at 5:30 pm.

It was a journey of reunion, fun and food. Just like me, this is the first trip to JB grand procession of deities for Joel, son of my youngest sister-in-law Ann (Australia), and first meeting between him and Brian, son of Susan, my third sister-in-law.

Jonathan, my son was backed to KL for official meeting, he too followed us down to JB for the festival over the weekend.

Reunion will not be complete without food. We ( Joey, Adeline, Jonathan, my wife and I) started our journey on Saturday by going to Seremban for breakfast. Then on the same night, we have a delicious dinner and Karaoke singing at a restaurant in JB with Susan, Tony and their children, and our parents.


这是一趟团聚 、乐趣及美食的旅程。我的小姨安娜(澳洲)的儿子祖尔(Joel),也如我般的是第一次到新山参加柔佛古庙众神出游,这也是他和另一位小姨苏珊的儿子布莱恩(Brian) 的第一次见面。


团聚不算美满,假如没有美食。我们(祖尔 、大女儿 、儿子 、太太和我)在星期六一早开始我们的行程,就先到芙蓉吃早餐。然后到了新山的当晚,我们连同苏珊 、东尼及孩子,还有我们的父母(岳父母)到一间餐馆用晚餐及唱卡拉OK.

Happy Kara-OK

Great-grandparents, grand-parents, parents
曾祖父母 、祖父母 、父母辈

Joel (left) and Brian besides him

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Pauline said...

It is one of those very rare occasions to be together but I do miss my Mei-mei.