Monday, April 11, 2011

Tschuss 再见

After 2 weeks of holidays in Langkawi Island, our German friends returned to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon. They looked suntanned and relaxed.

We picked them from the airport and have Satey in Kajang.

They are such simple, genuine and friendly people, and we are proud to have them as friends.

It was sad to bid them farewell .... after about 8 hours of getting together, we sent them to airport for the midnight flight back to Germany.

Tschuss my friends, see you in Berlin 2012 .... ah ha..! that's is my promise to their invitation which they have extended to me since many years ago.

Gerd Wendlandt, capturing Malaysian life through his lens.
Wendlant 先生透过镜头记载马来西亚的生活

Enjoying Malaysia white coffee

A re
laxing evening





Tschuss 再见我们的朋友,2012年,在柏林见面吧。。。。这是我对他们多年的邀请,作出了答应。

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