Wednesday, April 6, 2011

蒙主恩召 Call to rest






This morning, I attended the funeral Mass of Mathias Ng, the father of Rev. Fr. Lucas Ng.

Mathias Ng was called to rest by the Lord on Sunday evening, April 3 at the age of 97.

The Mass was con-celebrated by 18 priests at the Church of St. Ignatius at 10:00 am where Fr. Lucas is the Parish Priest.

After the final commendation rite, Fr. Lucas shared with the congregation of his thought and memory of his deceased father. His father was a man of few words but loving and caring for his family. He shared a particular incident which touched him very much.

His father, mother , sisiters and nieces came to Taiwan to attend his Final Vows ceremony decades ago. When on board the plane, he wrapped up a bun from the meal. When asked what was that for, he answered that he wanted to bring specially for his son in Taiwan. ..... such a loving and caring father.

His father was a simple man living an easy life. His hobby was fishing and hunting. He did not worry about tomorrow but living today to the full.

Fr. Lucas was grateful to his father for showing good example in living out his faith. He wished more members of the Ng family would response to the Call of God, to offer themselves to priestly and religious lives.

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