Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is a Cross 它是个十字架

I love Ipoh, the capital city of Perak state.

One morning in a house in Ipoh ....

One learned, enlightened and holy religious man called Tok Tok ( equivalent to the Pharisee in Jesus time) got up from bed. He walked to the toilet ... yawning .... and stretching out his hands .... and he saw something in the mirror....

" no no...I must stop doing that .....!"

He saw himself in the mirror, head up and hands stretched ... looked like a CROSS! Alamak, how can I become a CROSS!

He turned ... still with hands stretched ... he saw a CROSS in front of him, on the wall ... it is his shadow ... it is a CROSS too!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! He screamed.... and ran out of his house.

There was a field in front of his house, and a group of people were doing exercise .... swinging with the music. one step forward, two steps back .... one to the right, one to the left .... hands open and legs st reach ... It is a very common group dance exercise similar with the Line Dance and well liked by many individuals and organisations, including government departments for their departmental events ....

" Oh no.... one step front, two steps back... one left one right.... it is a CROSS !!! It is a CROSS!! stop that !! stop that....they are drawing CROSSES .... it is Christian..yyyyy!!!"

From that day, that moment on, the simple, healthy group folk dance of Poko Poko (Poco Poco), believed to be originated from Indonesia, the world largest Muslim country, is banned in Perak !





镜子里看到的是他自己,头挺直,双手张开 。。。。好像一个十字架似的。。。我怎么能成为一个十字架!?!






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