Friday, April 8, 2011

The Bullies 恶霸

My salutation to MACC (Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission) on their guts to investigate and the arrest of 62 Custom officers nation wide for alleged corruption.

In a Bernama (Government news agency) report, MACC investigations showed that RM108 billion that should have been earned by the country annually have "vanished" and that more than RM10 billion have been illegally transferred overseas as a result of corruption and abuse of power by Customs officers. (On this allegation, the Custom Union already had demanded a meeting with the Prime Minister).

You knew it, I knew it, everyone knew it but nobody can do nothing about it .... until MACC said it and acted on it!! Brovo !!

The Immigration Department, Transport Department and Customs Department are big big bully boys. There were previous cases of corruption involving group of officers from these departments. However, these big big bullies flexed their muscles by " work to rule" causing delay, long queues at counters and inconvenience the people dealing with them .... so don't touch us!!

In fact, the immediate effect of the arrest by MACC, we saw delay and long queues at the Kelang Customs departments for clearance of goods .... sort of show of muscle and force.

However, the death by falling from the third floor of MACC building of a senior customs officer suspected of graft and money laudering (one of the 62) has turned MACC from hero to villian!

This is the second case of corruption suspect under the custody of MACC had fallen to death at its building. (see Teoh Beng Hock and Lest Not Forget).

A Bully has found its match!!! Customs ---- > MACC or MACC ------ > Customs ...... vice versa!!

我向马来西亚反贪委员会( 反贪会 MACC )致上最高的敬意。他们非常胆敢的全国性的调查及拘捕了62名涉嫌贪污的关税局官员。


其实,这些都是你知,我知,每个人都只的事情,但却没有人可以做些什么东西 。。。直到反贪会说了出来,采取了行动!!干得好!




这是反贪会涉贪的嫌疑在它们看管中,坠楼事故的第二宗。 (看 赵明福 我们没忘记).


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