Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still a sucker 还是吸血鬼

Another ambitious project under 1Malaysia transformation programe - 1 Malaysia Email Project !

Prime Minister Najib had announced the initiative as one of seven new projects, at the fifth progress update of the Economic Transformation Programme in Putrajaya yesterday. The project will offer centralised e-government services such as online notifications and digital bill statements from government agencies. Every Malaysian above the age of 18 will be entitled to an official email account to communicate with the government.

Just in case you think otherwise, Najib twitted: "Before I sleep, let me clarify that the 1 Malaysia Email is a private sector project. No public money is involved and entirely voluntary".

Tricubes Bhd, a financially ailing public listed company, has been awarded the RM50 million contract to launch this 1Malaysia email service. Its share was traded at the stock Exchange upon the annoucement at RM0.16 (sixteen cents) from an average of RM0.057 per share.

Mere hours after the announcement, the project came under fire from the online public and opposition leaders who questioned the need for - and the actual intended beneficiaries of - such an expensive system for a service that is freely available elsewhere. ( Facebook protest group - 1M Malaysian who don't want Najib's 1 Malaysia Email )

I don't trust all these buggers. They are the parasites hooking on to the government and leeches sucking people's blood (money).

Repeatedly, Najib stressed almost with a grin that it does not cost government a single cent to set up this project, it is all private funded.

However, this company is charging government agencies, such as Income Tax, Police Department, local authorities for using their database and facilities to send out notices, summons, notifications to the public which usually the individual agencies are doing themselves. It is a disguised back door out-sourcing making fat money out of government agencies. And it is people's money. ( 17 millions Malaysians' database is given to the company by the government free of charge! free gift !)

Najib said, the email account is voluntarily. However, due to its monopoly, sooner or later, Malaysians would be forced to register with this company in order to receive notices and bills from government agencies such as Income Tax returns, EPF statement, properties assessment bills, summons.....

Is the people will benefit or someone else's pocket?

And all your personal information would be secret no more!

And Big Brother is moving another step closer to you !

又一个雄心勃勃的一个项目 - 一个马来西亚电邮



一间面对经济困难的挂牌公司, Tricubes Bhd ,已被政府委任来发展这个耗费马币五千万元的计划。在计划宣布后,该公司的股票,从平均的 5点7分,跳到16分。

在首相宣布这个机会后,马上引起了好多网络团体及反对党领导人的抨击。他们不明白到底是为了什么,及什么人受益,而花费这么庞大的金钱,去开发目前可以免费就能够享受到的服务。所以,很快点在面子书上,出现了一个反对的户头。 1M Malaysian who don't want Najib's 1 Malaysia Email 一个马来西亚人不要纳吉的一个马来西亚电邮 )




这 间公司将向相关政府机构收取费用,如所得税局,警察部门,地方议会,因为使用这间公司提供的服务,把账单,服务税,交通传票,通知书等发出去。其实这些部 门目前是自己执行的,但有了这间公司,就得用它的服务。所以,这是一种后门店“外包”方式,让这间可能面对交易所停牌的公司,大赚钱,起死回生。。。是不 是很气死! (政府将把一千七百万18岁以上人民的资料,免费送给这间公司去赚钱!)





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