Friday, April 22, 2011

Dramatic life 戏剧人生

Life is dramatic and unpredictable .... or rather predictable !?!

When I checked into hospital on 20/2/2011 for my Total Knee Replacement operation, my wife was by my side.

Exactly two months later, our roles reversed.

On 20/4/2011 (Wednesday), I was by her side when she checked into the same hospital for her gallstones operation. (See old post Dramatically fallen ill ) The surgery is called Cholecystectomy, the removal of Gallbladder with laparoscopy (key holes surgery).

Her gallstones are like a time bomb, may give her trouble anytime, any where, so it must be removed as soon as possible. However, my knee operation took precedence, so we concurred that as soon as I gain back my mobility and strength, she will go for her surgery.

After admission, she was wheeled into the operation theater at about 2:30 pm. The surgery was expected to last about one and a half hour.

I waited at the ward and did not see her came out at the anticipated time ..... Then at about 6:15 pm, I was informed that the surgery has been completed and she was at the recovery room.

At about 7:30 pm, she was wheeled back into the ward room .... almost 5 hours later!

She looked pale, tired and in pain ... and hardly can hear her voice. But I was glad and relieved to see her back.

An hour later, the Consultant Surgeon came to the ward to see her and told me the happening.

Half way through the laparoscopy, the surgeon discovered that the common bile duct was blocked with some gallstones and could not be removed by the scope. After checking through X-ray, he decided to have an open surgery (the traditional method) to remove all the remaining stones. Thus added another couple of hours to the surgery.

Finally, the gallbladder (with stones) and the stones blocking the duct were all been removed.

Instead of 2 nights stay in hospital with laparoscopy, she has to stay twice the number of days (or more) in order to recover and to be discharged.

Thank God for the successful surgery and she is recovering slowly but surely.

She was participating the Passion of Christ in the hospital.

Gallbladder and stones


在 20/2/2011,、当我进入医院去动膝盖关节换置手术的时候,太太是陪在我的身边。


20/4/2011 星期三,太太进入同一间医院,要动胆囊及石切除手术,我陪伴在她身边。这个手术是把整个胆囊(包括里面的石),用针孔仪器切除。(请看就帖子 - 戏剧性的病了







在针孔手术进行中,医生发现胆液输送管被几粒石阻塞着,用针孔仪器不能拿出。在检查了X 光片后,他觉得需用传统方式,开刀把它拿出。这样就把手术时间加了两三个小时。






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