Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crap 屎桥

The Sucker has a face now.

Tricubes Bhd, a "pokai" (bankrupt) company that given the contract to run the 1Malaysia Email project, has admitted that it will charge government agencies 50 cents (US 16 cents) per email sent to 1Malaysia Email account holders. His target customers are Income Tax Dept, Employee Providence Fund (EPF).....

It must be the most profitable business in the whole world !!

At a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Tricubes chief executive Khairun Zainal Mokhtar (right) stressed that users of the email will not be charged. But they will be expected to pay an additional cost if they want their mails to be more "secure" and for encryption facilities, which are optional.

He said his company is using "secure sockets layer (SSL) which is quite secure.

Only fools would fall for such stupid crap, he thinks he is the only one in the country knows about things Internet !! so sucker's faeces finally floats up to the surface, and the fox reveals its tail.

And 1 Malaysia Email is private funded, no government money involved. However, Khairun revealed that Tricubes Bhd has raised RM 5.3 millions from MAVCAP, a government venture capital firm wholly owned by Minister of Finance Incoperated.

can you trust these buggers? What is the real motive behind this " good for the people and country" plan? (See post Still a sucker)


Tricubes Bhd,受政府授予『一个马来西亚电邮』计划的特权“仆街”公司,承认它将向使用它的设备发出的电邮,每通收取马币五角钱的费用。(大约美金十六分)。它的主要目标顾客是国家税收局和公积金局。


在一项新闻发布会上,这间公司的首席执行员凯鲁(上)特别声明,这个电邮的用户则不必付出任何费用。不过,他说假如他们想要享受“更安全”的现有服务,就可能要付出一些费用。他说他的公司是使用SSL 保安系统的,所以会更安全保密。


这个计划是私人执行,所以不会用政府的一分钱。凯鲁在记者会上,透露了他的公司已经向MAVCAP 筹到了马币五百三十万的资金。 MAVCAP 是政府的投资基金公司,由财政部长全权拥有。

你会相信这些混蛋吗?到底他们背后真正目的是为人民及国家吗? (参阅 还是吸血鬼

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