Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beads 念珠

I dropped by Cahaya Puri Holdings this morning.

There were some new design Rosary that I have not seen before. It was supplied by a group very much devoted to Mother Mary. They called themselves simply a "Marian Apostolate". Their slogan: We make. We give. You pray.

They are double-chain, rollable beads Rosary. The chains are made of stainless steel, and the beads are of renowned Swarovski crystal.

Price ranges RM120 to RM150 each which I think is a good buy. The “Marian Apostolate" will channel part of the profit to charity works like supporting poor children in The Philippines.

The Rosary is named 【Ladder to Heaven】




这念珠价钱从马币120 至 150 一条。我认为是物有所值。“圣母使徒” 将会把部分利润,应用在慈善工作,如济助菲律宾的贫困儿童。


Different “beads” 不同的“珠”

Today I also "preyed" on my favourate "beads" - Cempedak fruit



queen_of_bee said...

cempadak goreng, 5 bijik please!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious...

Pauline said...

Much I love to eat it, I have to resist temptation as it is my "forbidden" fruit before I travel. Lest I get kicked out from the plane because of barking cough.

Simon Phun said...

hahahah..what you see is what I eat... the whole fruit !

No goreng, sudah habis dimakan!!