Thursday, June 25, 2009

My dinner 我的晚餐

For the last few days, I have no time for blogging.

Besides "managing" my house (wife pigi makan angin on vacation), I have taken up a "second job" (cari makan for a living) - managing another partnership business. I have to travel a round trip of 130 km almost daily to this company..... what to do, time is bad, got to do double job! :D

Tonight, after my weekly legion meeting, I decided to have dinner at the nearby 99 Food Court (hawker center).

This was the second time to this center since it opened five to six years ago. The first time was my the Parish Priest Fr. Julian and few other parishioners. He already in Rome for about 2 years.

There were more than 50 stalls of different food- Penang Cha Kuih Teoh, Singapore prawns mee, Taiwan sausages, China Raman, Hong Kong Dim Sum, Hokkian Mee, Guangzhou fried mee...

I remembered Fr. Lawrence recommended China Raman he tasted when he was here in March for the parish penitential service.

So I ordered the Raman (RM 4.00) and dumplings (RM3.00). It tasted not as expected.

I don't quite like the place. The floor looks dirty.... blackish, the dirty looking cement table tops are rough and oily......

Like other hawker centers, many foreign workers manning the stalls. Even the Raman stall owner from China also engaged an Indonesian helper.

For record purpose (FYI my wife): today done first load of laundry, boiled dog rice....:D


最近除了要“管理”家之外(太太去吃风了),我还增加了另一份工作 - 管理一家合股生意。我几乎每天要驾驶来回全程130 公里到这公司上班。没办法,行情不好,要“兼职”才行! :D

今晚,圣母军周会过后, 我决定到附近的『久久美食中心』用晚餐。(名字好像我们要用在DVD计划的“福传久久”!)


这中心有超过五十当各式的食物 - 槟城炒粿条,新加坡虾面,福建面,广府炒,台湾香肠,香港点心,中国拉面等待。




如其他小贩中心般, 许多外国工人看管档口。就连中国拉面的大陆档主,也请印尼女工来帮忙。


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