Friday, June 26, 2009

A (H1N1) 流感

As at today, Malaysia has registered more than 100 cases of A (H1N1). Majority of them were imported cases - Malaysians and visitors coming from infected countries especially Australia, US, England and the Philippines.

Government has requested those returning from the above four countries should observe 7-days self-imposed quarantine as precaution.

This morning, I went to Tung Shin Hospital to visit Lina. At the main entrance to the ward building, a nurse was stationed there to check the temperature of all visitors. Those who found to be OK, a green sticker be pasted on the shirt.(see pic)

Lina and her mother were sleeping soundly. They must be very tired. I did not disturb them but prayed in silence. I left about 10 minutes later.

Lina's face looked puffy....


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has officially named the flu as A(H1N1) which previously known as swine flu. The main reason is - the virus is not from the pig but man to man.

However, the Government controlled RTM (RadioTelevision Malaysia) stations still called it The Swine Flu in all Malay news and programmes. The minister concerned, a law Ph.d holder, also suggested other media follow suit. He said A(H1N1) is difficult to pronounce and causing confusion. By calling it The Swine Flu, will make the public more aware of the disease and its danger.

His move received strong opposition from the Minister of Health.

He is trying to associate pig and the disease and both are equally deadly. What a laughable mentality !?!

Obviously, some people are more obsessed with pigs than the others.

马来西亚 A (H1N1) 流感的病患,到今晚为止,已超过了一百宗。大部分的病例都是从国外进入的,特别是美国,英国,澳洲和菲律宾这四个重灾区。






世界卫生组织已经把这种流感成为 A(H1N1), 因为这中病毒不是来自猪,而是人传人。

但是,我国的国营电视台 RTM 在它的马来文节目中,还是称这种病毒为猪流感。拥有法学博士的有关的部长说,A(H1n1) 很难念,会引起混淆。他也建议其他的媒体跟随。他说称这病毒为猪流感,会使到公众更认识这病毒及其危险。



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