Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chinese music concert 华乐晚会

Attended a Chinese Orchestra Music Concert tonight at the New Era College organised by old boy association of a Chinese school.

It is a concert presented by a combined orchestra making up of: Yu Hua Chinese Orchestra, Orkestra Tradisional Artisukma University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and New Era College Chinese Orchestra.

Besides traditional Chinese music, they also presented classical composition by Mozart - Serenade fur streicher in G-Dur and western popular such as Love stroy meets Viva La Vida, He is a piriate... all were re-arranged and played by Chinese traditional instruments.

Musicians were young and talented.

今晚参加了有一间华文中学的校友会主办,在新纪元学院举行的【乐汇】华乐音乐晚会。这是由三个乐团联合呈现的 - 加影育华华乐团,国民大学民族乐团和新纪元学院华乐团。



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