Monday, June 29, 2009

Last year today 去年今日

Fooling with Fr. Leo's wheel chair at Guangzhou Airport

Today is the feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul the Apostles. It marks the end of the Year of St. Paul.

One year ago today in Xiao Pu Zi, Yunnan, father Leo Chang was enjoying one of the happiest moments of his life - celebrating his 51st year of priestly ordination and 80th birthday in his home village with his immediate family and villagers. (see Blog - Adventure in Kunming)

We were having great fun there.

May we cherish the great times we have with him。 Fr. Leo Chang is a faithful servant of Christ, emulating Paul's example, sailing across the seas, over hills and mountains, spreading Good News of Christ.

May his soul rest in the peace of our Lord.

Fr. was very happy with the food and wine(bottle)

今天是伯多禄及保禄宗徒的主保日。 这也意味着教会保禄年的结束。

一年前的今天,在云南的小堡子,张学礼神父正在和亲人及村民欢庆他的晋铎五十一周年及八十岁大寿。这是他人生最快乐的其中一天。(看旧帖子 -昆明历险记


让我们怀缅和他一起的快乐时光。 张神父是主耶稣忠诚的仆人,仿效保禄的榜样,飘洋过海,攀山越岭,传播主的福音。


The biggest and the most birthday cakes I've seen

Fr. enjoying water pipe. His elder brother showed his rare smile. He died a few days after Fr. Leo's funeral


Anonymous said...

Simon, Thank you very much for the information and pictures in your posting regarding Fr Leo Chang.


Simon Phun said...

Thanks Agnes. God bless.