Sunday, June 14, 2009

I pray 我祈祷

This evening, I visited Lina Leong, the Ipoh girl who is suffering from terminal cancer at Tung Shin Hospital, K.L.

She looked better than I anticipated. She was on oxygen but able to talk freely although experiencing shortness of breath.

She was still undergoing chemotherapy. Her elder brother from Singapore was there on his weekend visit.

I pained to learn that doctor still sending her for chemotherapy. I can only pray.

Lord, today we celebrated the Feast of your Body and Blood. You promised us and Lina - "He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, lives in me and I live in him". (John 6)

Lord, Lina has eaten your flesh and drunk your blood, you are in her and she is in you. Enfold her with you precious blood, give her strength through your flesh that she received through the minister of communion. In her difficult phase of life, grant her peace of mind, comfort and acceptance of human sufferings.

I pray fervently to you also, touch the hearts of all doctors who are treating her. May they not only follow medical ethics, by also humanly love, compassion, conscience and moral virtues. Drugs and treatments shall no longer necessary for healing her, but to reduce her sufferings and pains of her wrecked body. She needs palliative care, tender love of her family and friends, re-assuring words of doctors and medical staff, not bombardment of radiation and chemicals.

Lord, may her body be absolved into you precious body and blood, where you will take over her yoke of pains and sufferings. May she enjoys pain-free and peac
eful days ahead until seeing you face to face in the full glory of our faith.

Lord Jesus , I also pray for Agatha Tan, grandmother of Fr. Lawrence Ng. She is 93 years old and suffering from life-threatening severe colon infection. May you have mercy on her.

And not forgetting Fr. Anthony Chan. He is fighting for his life in a corner of Kelang.

I offer all of them, and many other suffering people, into you
r life saving cup - the cup of convent, communion and life.

Lord have mercy. Amen!





主耶稣,我们今天欢庆了你的圣体和圣血的大日子。你曾经说过:“。。谁吃我的肉,并喝我的血,便住在我内,我也住在他内。。” (若6)。





主耶稣,我也为黄大华的祖母,亚加大陈听女士 (93岁)祈祷。她被诊断是大肠发炎及破损,有生命之虞。她不愿意动手术,但交托给天主。


我把他们,及其他受苦难的人,放入你的救赎之杯 - 盟约、共融及生命之杯。



taipoh said...

God blessed Lina and her soul....alex ang tai poh

Simon Phun said...

Thanks for you prayer and wishes.