Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The year 1989 年

The June 29 issue of Time magazine is a summer journey double issue ... looking back 20 years ago, the fateful year 1989 that transforming the world... even until today!

I picked 3 main events out of many that affected my life....

1. The collapse of the Berlin wall and the communist regime of the People's Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany). My wife was working in the East German Embassy then. The unification of Germany saw the closure of the East German Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

My wife and I have the opportunity to witness the lowering of the East German flag for the last time on Unification day by the Charge d'affair of the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy (West Germany) in Kuala Lumpur.

We are still keeping the metal sign board of the East German Embassy.

My wife later "crossed over the wall" to join the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy.

2. The World Wide Web (WWW). In 1989, an English physicist Tim Berners-Lee invented the first browser call WorldWideWeb. Web surfing, email, blogging has changed my life.

3. The Tiananmen Square massacre. June 4 1989 saw the China Communist regime using military force to crush the students occupying the square. I did not feel much then. Later when more details surfaced, I felt for the suffering of the students and right activists. The persecution of right and democracy advocates continues even till today.

Also mentioned was on March 24 1989, a tanker named Exxon Valdez with 53 million gallons of Alaskan crude oil, ran aground just after midnight, releasing more than 11 million gallons of "black gold' polluting the beautiful Alaskan coastline and wilderness. It was the worse environmental disaster in American history.

Currently, my wife is on an Alaskan cruise vacation. I shall find out from her on her return whether Alaskan coastline has recovered fully from the disaster after 20 years.

In February 1989, a satellite was launched into orbit 12000 miles above the earth. This was the first of 24 satellites forming the global positioning system (GPS). Today, I use my GPS device to guide me going places.

Where was I then 20 years ago? I was in Kajang happily bringing up my three adorable children. Looking at the pictures taken in 1989, I wished can turn back the time...... How much I loved them...but their childhood has gone .... they have all grown up now!

Cameron Highlands
金马伦高原 1989







2。全球资讯网(WWW) 的发明。英国物理学家田巴尼李创立了全球资讯网,世界上各国的人们,可以使用网际网络汲取资讯及互联。网上浏览 、电邮及部落格改变了我的生活。






Pulled out first tooth

Zoo with friends

Giving prizes at the TaiChi Chinese New Year dinner. It is still going on after 20 yrs

**where was my wife? official secret!


queen_of_bee said...

mei mei so cute! sweet memories!

year 1989, my youngest sister was born. today, she is already a big girl, furtherin her study in UUM.

how time flies...

Simon Phun said...

So your whole family sent her up North!!Little baby fist time leaving home le.(you studied at UKM, no chance to be away!!)

turn back the time, turn back the time, turn back the time..... in our dreams !!

Jeff said...

Those were the days....