Monday, May 5, 2008

I lost my account 我的户口不见了

I have deleted by mistake my previous blogger account (simonkajang). I have no access to the account, thus not able to do any new posting or edit any posting. I have sent request to the Blogger Help Group for assistance to reinstate my old account. But I think it is very unlikely that can be done.

I am very sad. Even though the blog is still there (do not know how long it will remain viewable). It is almost one year since I started that blog.

I have to start all over again...... Thanks for your support.

我在不小心的情形下,删除了我的旧部落格 (simonkajang) 的户口。现在我不能够上载新的纪事, 或作任何的修改。我有要求部落格服务组的帮助,再更新我的旧户口,但看来机会不是很高。



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