Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Tai Chi group 我的太极班

Today, being the second Saturday, the Holy Family Tai Chi group is celebrating the birthday of members born in this month.

I am the only male member of this group which was started twenty years ago. Currently we have about 40 members. Many of them are above 65 years old, the oldest being 82 and we called her CJ 2 (changJiang No.2. We have this code name 20 years ago, so Stephen Chow's CJ7 is our decendent!). Ninety five percent are non-Christians.

They are a very happy and healthy lot. Tai Chi exercise not only promote good health among members, also great fellowship and friendship.

They come to church exercise Tai Chi daily and live everyday happily and healthily.

The biggest challenge they are facing now is the ever changing night-shift Guard of the church. Since the past one year, after the retirement of the former guard, they are at the mercy of the sleeping-0n-duty guard to open the main gate at 6:15 am to come in for exercise. Sometimes they are bullied by younger guard because they are forced to push open the heavy metal gate.

Even this morning, I have to climb over the gate into the church to wake up the sleeping-like-log guard to open the gate.

The group was formed in August 1987. To mark the first anniversary, we planted a Jasmin tree to mark the occasion. Two months ago, the tree, the only big tree in my church compound, was cut down for no valid reason. My community has lost the moral ground on issues of environmental protection and the greening the world.

singing Happy Birthday song


我是这太极班的唯一团员。太极班成立至今,已进入了第二十一个年头了。我们目前约有四十个团员。她们大都在六十五岁以上,最年长的已是八十二岁了,我们称她 “长江二号”,因为她在名单里是排第二位置。(二十年前我们已启用长江二号密码了,所以,周星驰的长江七号,应该是我们的后代吧!)





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