Monday, May 5, 2008

zero starts 从零开始

Stand up from where you fall. Pick up the pieces and start anew.

I love blogging. I am sad, really sad at the loss of my old Blog. It is a year of my life. But, I am looking back with gratitude, looking up with reverence, looking forward with hope. I have many many years of blogging to come....

Firstly to my regular visitors and friends, my sincere apology for the sudden disappearance of my old blog. Many of them are from overseas - Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, USA, Germany, England, Australia, Italy, Holland..... and all over Malaysia. I do not know who they are because no footprints are left behind. I am not able to inform them of my new Blog.

Secondly, I have to explain what had happened to my old Blog. I have 2 blog accounts with same email address. I decided to delete the one that I do not use. Unknowingly, you delete one, you delete all.... they rest is history :( . This can be used as case study of CSD (Cyber-self-destruction) !

The moral of this incident is : Be extra careful with the DELETE button...Do not take things (life ) for granted.... :D


我喜欢部落格。失去了我的旧部落格,我当然是非常的伤心。那是我一年的生命。但是, 我以感恩之心,回顾过去;以恭宠态度,向上看,怀着希望,向前看!我还有很多,很多年的部落格生活在我前面。

首先,我要向常到访我的部落格的朋友们抱歉,因为我的部落格在突然的情形之下消失了。他们来自很多国家,如新加坡,台湾,汶来,美国,英国,澳洲,德国,何兰, 意大利, 及全马来西亚。他们没留下脚印或留言,我就没办法通知他们我的新部落格。

第二,我需要解释为什么我的旧部落格会突然的消失。我有两个部落格,但共用一个电邮地址。我要把那一个没用到的删除,却没料到,删一个, 两个都被一起删除。。。不必再说下去了。。。。 :(

这件事的教训是:特别小心使用删除 DELETE的按钮。。。。要珍惜生活的一切。。。 :D

I am standing up with support from friend (s)- you !.

在朋友(你) 的扶持下,我站了起来。


Anthony said...




Simon said...

是的,能够和他人分享生活,是见赏心乐事。。谢谢Awong !

queen_of_bee said...

never mind lah uncle. let the bygone be bygone.

Queen of bee will always be here to support you! "gambate"

Pauline said...

Last evening I wanted to show mum some interesting articles on your blog and was shocked to read "blog removed" and thought that there must have been some censorship.

Upon reading yr email, I was sad to know that one year's articles is erased forever. Be rest assured that these will always be in my memories and in those regulars who read and following your blog. Do you all agree with me??

Knowing that you enjoy blogging and also coming up with interesting subjects, you are up and about again the next day - that's TODAY.

Do put up again about our recent holidays. I will enjoy another clip of our trip. KEEP IT UP.

Simon said...

Yes,I will pick up the pieces and try to re-write the postings I have written... may be from different perspective...

Thanks to all .