Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anything ! 随便

Sometimes when we are out with friends for a drink or a meal, when asked what would you like to drink or food to order, very often we hear :" anything..lah " or "..cincai-lah" or " whatever you order lah...". Then other would say :" no such anything..lah "or " ...so I just order whatever I like..lah.."

Or when you visit a friend at home, he asks ' would you like to have a cold or hot drink?" Most likely the answer is " don't trouble yourself, anything will do".

Oooops, watch out, here you are, the Anything and the Whatever..... drinks. Try it out...you can get them from Seven-Eleven....

I met Dominic in Singapore. He is the partner of this drink company supplying "Anything" and "Whatever" to the outlets in Malaysia.

So next time, you get what you want....exactly and literally !

很多时候,我们和朋友一起喝茶或吃饭,当问到要什么饮料或叫什么食物时,会随口说:" 随便吧"! 或者用马来话说:“ cincai lah!” 或者说:“什么都可以”。 有时会被反讥说:“没有随便” 或“没有cincai-lah"...

或者有时候,到朋友家坐坐,被问到“你要冷的或热的?” 通常答案是:“不必麻烦,随便吧”。

现在,当你说“随便” “什么都可以”时,你的小心,因为“随便”和“什么都可以”马上就送到!

我在新加坡遇到了Dominic, 他是生产 “随便” 及 “什么都可以” 饮品的公司股东。你可以在 7-Eleven 买得到。

所以,下次当你说 “随便” 或 “ 什么都可以” 时,你要的就是你所说的!

* Anything可译成随便,whatever 译成 什么都可以.


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