Thursday, June 5, 2008

change lifestyle

In the evening, SMSs were flying around from friends regarding imminent increase in petrol and diesel prices. Yes, it was confirmed. Petrol price has increased RM0.78 per litre to RM2.70/Litre, Diesel added RM 1.00 per litre at RM2.58 / Litre.

The effect is far reaching. Transporters, bus operators are sounding their trumpets of 100 % increase in their charges and fare. It means every item on our dining table will cost more.

For me alone, my personal petrol expenses will increase by RM 200.00 based on four fillings per month. For my lorry, it will cost RM 700.00 per month.

The cost of my goods will be increased due to expected rise in transport charges.

As for the petrol station owners, their financial burden is heavier. For every tanker load of petrol of 25,000 litres, they have to pay extra RM19,500.00. And for diesel, it is RM25,000.00 per load. Oil companies do not give credit. You can see more stations reluctant to accept credit cards. So you may see more stations telling you the credit card service is offline.....

We have to change our lifestyle. It is more costly to drive now. Be prudent and thrift. Even eating out is expensive. My driver just complained to me that a piece of dosei costing RM0.80 now is being charged at RM1.60.....

More bad news are coming..... of costlier living!

昨天傍晚,手机短信满天飞,声称汽油及柴油价格马上就会调高。文冬老友林志强早在下午四点四十五分就传给我这个讯息:“去打油吧!报界朋友透露可能涨到RM2.70。打了 不会吃亏,不打可能暗捶。。。”

的确正确。在傍晚五点的时候,首相就宣布从子夜开始,汽油价格调高 RM0.78,每公升新价为RM2.70;柴油价格上调 RM1.00,新价为每公升 RM2.58.


对我来说,个人的每个月汽车用油,将增加 RM200.00. 我公司的罗里,每个月的柴油费用,也相应的增加了 RM700.00.


对于经营汽油站的商家,他们的经济负担将会加重。每一油罐车的汽油,容量二万五千公升,将需多付 RM19,500.00, 而柴油则需多付 RM25,000.00. 油公司是没有给帐期的。所以,顾客用信用卡付账,会使他们很吃力。以后会常看到油站贴上"信用卡线路故障”。

我们必须改变生活方式来面对目前的状况。拥有汽车的费用已经增加,消费要更小心及节省。在外面吃东西,也是贵了。我的罗里司机告诉我,他住的蒲种地区,印度多赛煎饼从每件 八角钱,增加到一元六角了!



Pauline said...

Yes, the price of petrol has increased and so will the costs of other things especially daily essentials that one needs to sustain life. Just think of the poor who suffer most through no fault of theirs. We can restrict ourselves to making less trips with our vehicles, eating-out, but what can the poor man do?

The media is quoting that the fuel price is still low, the toll rates are still low compared to Singapore and other countries, but how is it that it is never mentioned that Malaysian salary is low compared to other countries.

If we have a good transport system, I do not need to have a car. I will not only save money for other purposes but also save much time because I do not need to be stuck in traffic jams with carbon monoxide fumes thus also save the environment and becoming a healthier person.

It is time for us to face the reality as there are too many shocks of surprises happening today.

Simon Phun said...

wah, like newspaper commentary man...!

If our resources has not been wasted,and properly managed, our country should not be facing this situation. We have many natural resources like oil, rubber, palm oil...the income from these are enough to cushion the spiral oil prices..!